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Posted on: December 26, 2008 4:13 pm

Its Been a while

since I last posted.  chalk it up to laziness.  I actually put some posts on the official tennis blog.  I didn't see any real response there.  right now is really the slow time for tennis - the last 3 weeks of December.  You could call it the off season.  Well Roger will have come up with some good tennis at Australia to tie Pete at 14 grand slam crowns.  he could do it but he could easily not.  the crowns aren't coming as easily these days.  thats the way tennis and sports are.  it seems easy for the great ones for a while and then the legs seem to weigh a little more than they used to. 

there could be a real shuffle in Australia.  Simon, Murray, or Del Potro could break into the slam arena. Djokovic or Nadal of course could do it again.  Lets see what happens in the tuneups before making any real predictions.  I am expecting a big year out of the Bryans.  They will get the doubles crown back this year.  On the womans side it seems like a new champ will begin to assert herself out of the merry go round since Henin retired.

what do you say

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