Posted on: July 7, 2008 4:34 pm

Not a Bad Finale

Wimbledon this year lived up to its billing in all respects.  I personally like tennis doubles and while i was disappointed the Bryans didn't make it to the finals they still made it to the mixed doubles final and faced each other.  Mike was teamed with Ekatarina Srebotnik and was the number one seed.  They lost the final to Bob who teamed with Samantha Stosur.  The mens final was won by Zimonjic and Nestor who beat the team that topped the Bryans in the semis - Ullyet and Bjorkman.  Jonas Bjorkman is retiring and that may have been motivation enough to knock off the Bryans.

The women had plenty of drama.  Venus played Serena for the title and it was a magnificent power game.  They two have, not surprisingly, played pretty even over the years.  Venus seems to have her heart set on Wimbledon and rose to the occasion to win for the 5th time here.  Then the sisters teamed to steamroll Raymond and Stosur who are what you could call doubles specialists 6-2,6-2.

Yes, we haven't forgotten the mens final.  It has joined the ranks of tennis classics as some are arguing it was the greatest tennis match ever played.  No one is arguing that it was the longest.  Nadal pried the crown away from Roger Federer's stiff fingers as dusk began to settle on the court 6-4,6-4,6-7,6-7, 9-7.  I am thankful the majors still play best of five sets so this one could go down as one of the great matches for the ages.

All those prognosticators who picked these two to make the final must have been happy and all those who didn't pick them to make the final must have been happy, too.  It was not a bad finale.  What happens next?  I don't think this will be the last we see of these two in the final of this and other tournaments.  They both will win more majors and one or both will break Pete Sampras record of 14 grand slams.

What say you?
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Posted on: July 3, 2008 2:06 pm

Bryans go down

I gotta admit these guys are my favorite players on tour and i hate to see them lose.  They didn't lose a serve in four sets but lost 3 sets in tie breakers.  It looks like Bjorkman and Ullyet were motivated by Bjorkmans retirement.  Well the Bryans are both still in the mixed doubles so we will see if they meet in the finals.  Happy fourth of July to one and all
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Posted on: July 1, 2008 4:52 pm

Wimbledon Update

I really meant to post a message every day of Wimbledon - Alas duty calls.
It looks like the Williams sisters are cruising to the final and playing their usual power brand of tennis.
Dementieva and Jie will have their hands full.

On the mens side both Roger and Rafa have very interesting matches coming up tomorrow in the quarters.
Sure everyone expects them to meet Sunday for more than dinner, but tomorrows opponents shouldn't be counted out already.
Ancic is the last one to beat Roger on grass back before Churchill made his first speech.  Mario has been playing well and
you never know he could do it again.  Rafa, on the other hand, will be facing the latest British hope in Andy Murray.  Murray also has been playing well and he will surely have the crowd behind him.  This is the most drama in a quarterfinal to come along since perhaps Gasquet's dispatching Roddick last year.

If Roger and Rafa move on to the semis (most bets are on it) Roger will have another challenging time with Marat Safin.  Stating what may be the obvious, if Roger can beat Ancic, Safin, and a red hot Nadal then he will earn every bit of the reputation he has.  You could say - he came by it honestly.
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Posted on: June 27, 2008 10:08 am

Wimbledon Day 4 - The Upsets

two big ones came down yesterday.  Sharapova proved that looks aren't everything as she went down to one of the new Russians gals in the draw - try Alla Kudryavtseva.  Not hard to explain the upset as Maria had 9 double faults and 22 unforced errors compared to Alla's 3 doubles and 9 unforced errors.  The final score was 6-2, 6-4.

on the men's side Andy Roddick proved that I can't pick finalists this year by going down to Janko Tipsarevic (say that 3 times real fast) in four sets.  Andy never broke serve and was 0 for 8 on break points.  It doesn't matter how great his serve is, if Andy can't break the other guy then something has to give.  Janko is not a schlock as he is the same guys who came within a hairs breadth of knocking off Roger in Australia this year.  He knew he could do it  and made a believer out of Andy.

There are only a handful of guys left who have much hope of keeping Roger or Rafa out of the final this year.  Gasquet or Murray have a chance against Nadal.  Not a good chance mind you but a chance.  Safin, Wawrinka, or Ancic have a shot against King Roger.  Yes, I agree with all you guys that Roger and Rafa look headed for a meeting.  I just think the same two meeting 3 years in a row is dull so i am looking for a change.  The real story would be if Murray could get in and give the British a home grown champion.
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Posted on: June 25, 2008 9:07 am

Funniest First Round at Wimbledon

Hrabaty is one of 3 men who have a winning record against Roger Federer.  He was 2 and 0 till yesterday.  Apparently Daniel is recovering from injury so he got into the draw based on his pre injury rank rather than his current rank which is plus 200.  He seemed to realize that he was over his head against Roger this time as Roger broke Daniel's serve at the beginning of the first two sets.  Then during the changeover before Roger was to serve for the match Daniel broke the etiquette of the tournament by coming over and sitting beside Roger and sharing a few laughs.  They both knew the outcome of the match was pretty much decided.  There was no mike on them to know what was said but their laughing and knowing this wasn't the thing to do during the match made it look pretty funny.  Roger is a class act and the backhand smash he made in the second set was one of many great shots.  Hrabaty made a highlight shot himself with his back to the net chasing down a lob which he flicked down the line.  Tops in entertainment was this match.
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Posted on: June 20, 2008 9:06 am
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Wimbledon Prediction

This has got to be my favorite time of the year. After seeing the brackets I will go out on a limb with my predictions for Wimbledon 2008. In the men's final I will pick Andy Roddick to win his second major by beating Novack Djokovic. For the ladies it looks like Maria over Ana. I will miss two of my favorite players this year - Justine Henin and Tim Henman. It must really be true that there is more to life than playing Tennis. If you want to see live and replayed matches check out Wimbledon.org.
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Posted on: February 27, 2008 2:06 pm
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Yogi's Tennis Game

When Yogi Berra said "90% of the game is half mental" he must have been thinking of Tennis.

OK, so Yogi never hit a tennis ball in his life. The fact is that Tennis will challenge anyone to not only
hit shots properly, but also to overcome the little demons which dog the Tennis player during a match. If
you have ever played a match you know what I mean. They sneak up to you between serves, and suggest that
the next ball, which you are planning to dink into the middle of the service box, will never fit inside
that box - which is no bigger than a postage stamp.

They whisper in your ear just as that nice fat overhead is ready to be creamed into cornmeal mash. They
say ‘don’t muff this one like the one you muffed two games ago’. They won’t go away. They want to remind
you about the 40-15 lead you had that got away. They want to tell you that your opponent is not good
enough to tie your shoelaces even though you are loooooooooosssssssssssiiiiiiiiinnnn

An example of not listening to demons is this past years (2007) Wimbledon final between Roger and Rafa.
The first game Roger served and won in typical style. Then Nadal served and moved to a 40 love lead. Roger
didn’t quit and came back to win that game and his next serve for a 3 to love lead. Now if that had been me
losing that game after leading 40 to love I would have been finished. I would probably have swallowed two bagels
6 love and 6 love. My ‘half mental’ game would have been crushed. Not Rafa though. He came back to take the
match a full 5 sets and might have won had his knees been healthy. He didn’t lose because of his mind game or
listening to demons. He lost because he was playing the best player in the world.

That’s why I love Tennis. I am learning to hit shots and I am learning to think my way through a match. I
may not beat every opponent but I am knocking the fuzz off of most of those demons.
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