Posted on: August 4, 2008 3:37 pm

Numero Uno

Jelena Jankovic takes over number one for the women and Rafael Nadal takes over the top spot for the men on Aug 18th.  The ranking is determined by how a player has performed between today and a year ago today.  If a player skips a tournament this year that they won last year then they will miss out on those points.  What it means is that Jankovic has been the most consistent woman on the tour for the last 12 months.  She seems to make it to the final four in most tournaments.  Maria has missed some tournaments and Ivanovic was knocked out early at Wimbledon which discounted her winning the French.  I think you will see this change hands quite a few time in the coming months. 

For the men it has been more stable.  Rafa will hold his position as long as he doesn't get knocked off early in tournaments which is hard to picture.  How balanced will that crown be on his head?  Will Roger make a comeback now that the pressure is off of him?  Will Rafa feel the pressure of being numero uno as much as he felt the challenge of being Numero Dos?  Will he keep the crown as long as Roger did, or will Novak or Murray or Roger come and get it next?  What say you?
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Posted on: March 4, 2008 12:43 pm
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Who's # 1

Roger has been on top for 214 consecutive weeks but his balance there is a little off right now.
Justine was there most of last year. She dropped out for a little while in the beginning of the year.

Will either one drop out even for a brief period this year? and who will take their place?
Nadal and Djokovic of course have a shot in points and with the clay court season coming up Rafa looks pretty good. Murray and Nalbandian would have to be considered and who else?

For the women, Maria hasn't lost yet this year and looks great. The Williams seem more serious about giving it a go. Davenport has a chance and of course those serbian ladies Jelena and Ana. Anyone else have a shot?

Post your vote in a comment and we will see who is the best prognosticator.
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