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We Wish you the Best

May God Bless You

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Posted on: May 13, 2008 11:36 am

Out of Nowhere

I never saw him coming.  How did Stanislas Wawrinka get to be number 10 in the world?  He didn't appear on anyones list that I know of, but here he is at number 10.  Is there really room for more than one Swiss in the top ten?  This kid doesn't look old enough to have a drivers license much less play in an ATP final.  While most people were looking at Murray or Tsonga, or in my case Ancic, along comes Stan to push the big boys aside.  Make way, make way for the new prince of tennis.  The king aint dead yet but another prince comes along to yap at his heels.  Are there any other new guys out there who are going to make a run at the top 10?  While we are at it, how long can Justine keep the top spot by not playing in tournaments?  What chance does she have at Rolland Garros without some warmup tournaments?
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Who's # 1

Roger has been on top for 214 consecutive weeks but his balance there is a little off right now.
Justine was there most of last year. She dropped out for a little while in the beginning of the year.

Will either one drop out even for a brief period this year? and who will take their place?
Nadal and Djokovic of course have a shot in points and with the clay court season coming up Rafa looks pretty good. Murray and Nalbandian would have to be considered and who else?

For the women, Maria hasn't lost yet this year and looks great. The Williams seem more serious about giving it a go. Davenport has a chance and of course those serbian ladies Jelena and Ana. Anyone else have a shot?

Post your vote in a comment and we will see who is the best prognosticator.
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LeapYear Day

Leapyear Day

Well, what is the appropriate term for a day that comes just once every four years.
I had to post something today just to know that I did it.

Tennis news: Justine Lost - that is news, kind of like man bites dog.

Lindsay won - 'go get 'em mom'

Happy Birthday Jelena

Nalbandian is still rolling with a nine match win streak and into the semis in Acapulco.
Just how good is this guy? Can he stay healthy enough to knock Rog off the top?

Roddick beats Fish - what's this I hear about these guys having been on the same High
school team?

Any one know how to pronounce Ljubicic? Is the L or the J silent?

Should we say 'Happy leapyear day', 'Merry leapyear day', or 'take a leapyear day'?
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