Posted on: April 7, 2008 2:32 pm

Miami Grades

The finals are over and its time to hand out the grades for Miami.

A+,  Davydenko and Williams
Nikolai fought off match points in earlier rounds then he beats Roddick and Nadal whom he had never beaten before.  Did he sneak up on them?  Maybe, but he did play well and didn't wilt.
Serena gets an A+ for winning and for playing awesome tennis against the best player in the world.  Some of her shots were just incredible.  6-2, 6-0 who woulda thunk it?

A+ Mike and Bob Bryan
These guys won their first title of the year.  I only saw the final and they looked great.  By the way, bag the Readers Digest Doubles scoring.  Score it the regular way.  Stop this Noadd nonsense and tie break without playing games in the third.

A, Roddick of course.  He struggled in the early rounds but for him the Fed man was the only one in the draw.  To beat him for the first time in years could only be topped by - well - by getting engaged to the love of his life.  Congrats Andy.  No plus tho because - well - he didn't win the tournament.

A-, Nadal,Federer.  Nadal played great tennis until the final then he couldn't put it together.  Hey nobodys perfect.  Speaking of not being perfect you have to put Roger there now.  He still plays great.  He just isn't playing the way we have been used to seeing him - perfect.  It actually makes the tournaments more interesting - except for maybe Roger.

B, Youzhny - don't be so hard on yourself.  Ancic, nice run - just not far enough.  Lindsey - for knocking off Anna.

C, Henin - I know its not easy playing in front of 10,000 people on International TV.  It's definitely no walk in the park playing a Serena who is in the zone.  but... 6-2, 6-love.  Who woulda thunk it?

D, Djokovic - all right already quit bouncing the ball so much.  They are not going to change the rules for one player.

F, for whoever the powers that be who came up with NoAdd supertiebreak 3rd set scoring for doubles.
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